For Inquiries, Please Call: 703-909-0740 / 540-656-3804

Our greeters are always ready to attend to your needs and questions.

woman smiling

We aim to achieve go to the next level of welcoming our guests. They are the first people that you will interact with as you arrive in our church. And if ever you have questions regarding the location of the worship hall, the restroom, or even the time of the services, our greeters will provide you with helpful answers and assistance.

Being a greeter is actually the most crucial role in the church. This team has the unique opportunity to express God’s love even just with their smile and handshake. Making the guests feel relaxed and at home. They are responsible for the first and last impression of every church visitor.

Should you have further concerns and questions regarding this ministry, you may contact us at 703-909-0740 / 540-656-3804 or send us a message in our Contact Us page.